Biography of Maria Zechinelli

Biography of Maria Zechinelli

Maria Zechinelli was born in Mexico in 1957, emerging as a prominent figure in both the artistic and environmental spheres. Her life and work are characterized by a deep concern for the environment and an understanding of human psychological evolution.

From an early age, Maria immersed herself in a world of fantasy and fables, finding in art a way to counteract the discouraging realities surrounding her. With tireless dedication, she channeled her creativity through colorful illustrated canvases and literary works, seeking to sow joy in difficult moments.

With a background in psychology, Maria gained keen insight into the degradations and disorders affecting humanity. This profound awareness led her to feel a sincere empathy and a firm commitment both to humanity and to the environment. In her works, she employs metaphors to promote environmental awareness and the importance of caring for our planet, reminding everyone that Earth is the shared home of all living beings.

In addition to her outstanding work as an artist and environmentalist, Maria is known to be a tetrachromat, meaning she possesses the rare ability to perceive more colors than most people. This unique visual sensitivity is reflected in her work, adding a special dimension to her creations.

Despite her professional achievements, Maria is also recognized as an excellent mother, instilling in her children the importance of infusing more colors into the world. Her legacy transcends the artistic realm, leaving an indelible mark on those who have the privilege of knowing her and on society at large, inspiring everyone to look at the world with new eyes and to care for it with love and responsibility.