Ma Zechinelli

Ma Zechinelli

(María Luisa Zechinelli Merlo) 1957 México

A devoted artist who is aware of caring for the environment and aware of the evolution of human psychology.

She always enters a world of fantasies and fables, she dedicates her efforts to compensate with her artistic works, the realities that at a given moment could discourage us. Whether through her colorful illustrated canvases or her literary works, Ma Zechinelli is always in a constant search to sow joy in everyone’s difficult moments.

As a result of the studies carried out in the career of psychology, she is a mind aware of the degradations and disorders to which humanity is subjected.

Feeling great empathy and commitment for humanity and the environment in which we live, Ma Zechinelli interprets with her literary works and illustrations, metaphors to promote and raise awareness in society that this world is everyone’s home and therefore we must protect it .

Both the care of the environment, the intrapersonal evolution in daily life and the future, the works of Ma Zechinelli show a particular point of view that intrigues us to stop and observe.

Ma Zechinelli is a tetrachromat, it means that she has the ability to perceive more colors than the rest or see 10 colors in the rainbow as most of us manage to see 5.

Ma Zechinelli

Besides being a great artist, she is an excellent mother. She has taught my brother and me something very valuable, this world just needs more colors.

Her son JL Zechinelli

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